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5 Signs you need a task manager app

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Do you find yourself questioning the status of work? Are you constantly chasing updates? Are you regularly stressing to meet deadlines? Are you passionate about achieving the best results? If the answer is 'Yes' to any of these, you may need to start looking for a new way of planning, tracking and completing work.

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What is a Task manager?

A task manager is a digital tool that allows you and your team to work as one. It focuses on what needs doing, when and by who.

Many important factors add to a good task manager, from ensuring you have the correct statuses to receiving notifications about relevant activities.

What makes a good task manager

What makes a good task manager?

It's easy to get confused in the task manager space. Every app has a different identification name (Work OS, work manager, productivity tool and more), and we often find that good marketing doesn't translate into a good product. So before you can start looking into which task manager is right for you, it's essential to know what problems you are looking to solve.

It all starts with your process.

Do you know your process?

Processes come in all shapes and sizes. They are often dictated by your business growth, age, and the strength of your management team. You may have a bird's eye view of your process, but often that isn't good enough to ensure your process is running smoothly. By not having a specific process for each eventually can cause significant issues. We find staff often pay the price.

Discovering whether you need a task manager starts by looking at your processes…

What makes a good task manager

1. Are your teams working with the same data?

How does information pass between departments in your business? We regularly find companies referencing the same data in different data references points. For example:

One department may follow an excel document, another department may use a traditional whiteboard, and other departments may follow email and so on. It's a recipe for disaster.

The more data reference points you have, the more chance there is of errors. Every different data point used will double the risk of errors occurring. But this isn't the biggest issue.

The more significant issue is that teams are never working with the latest information. You will always rely on communication across multiple platforms to receive updates. Can you think of any occasions where out of date information has cost you?

A task manager solves these issues by having all teams working with the latest information. Teams can receive notifications about progress, share messages about unexpected updates and collect data for real-time reports in one app.

What makes a good task manager

2. Can your teams collaborate seamlessly?

If you need to chat to someone within your business about a piece of work, what method will you use? Do you find yourself using different platforms for different people? Unfortunately, we see this issue all too many times. Updates or messages that need to be available for all teams are hidden in the communication method chosen. For example:

If an issue is raised via email from one team member to another, how do others know it is an issue? They won't unless you start using multiple communication platforms/methods. If others need to be included in the problem, it will require additional admin work, costing time and money.

Task managers combat this issue by including all details, conversations, media and more within one location. It allows all teams to collaborate seamlessly whilst drastically reducing admin times. For example, how many times do you find yourself looking for some information? Task managers remove this waste of time.

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3. Do your teams know what works to complete?

How often do you find processes taking longer than planned because someone didn't know what needed doing? It is often the case when you have many moving parts. Tasks get missed, and delays creep in last minute. This leads to teams being moved from one job to another last-minute, wasting time and resources whilst also compromising quality or even health and safety.

Task manager apps drastically remove the chance of missing work. From single points of data to automation, teams stay up to date in real-time. As a result, you always know what needs doing, when it needs doing, and more importantly, who needs to do it.

Reacting to work

4. Are you reacting to your work instead of planning it?

Have you ever felt like your work controls you? It's an easy trap to fall into. Your business grows, you don't have the resources or time to implement the right processes, and quality control begins to pay the price.

Task manager apps help you buy back time and, more importantly, quality. By guaranteeing that your process is complete, quality can't pay the price. Your process must be complete, and you can report in real-time to learn and make improvements.

Trying the impossible

5. Are you trying to achieve the impossible?

Every successful business aims to solve a problem or fulfil a need. However, with this often comes the desire to want to deliver to unrealistic expectations. This is why it's crucial to have a plan. One that you can trust and follow to provide your service/product/offering to the highest standard possible.

Task manager apps allow you to do just this in the most efficient and optimum way. Visually plan your days, weeks or months the way you want to. By status, dates, priority, assignment or more. You are never tied or restricted to one format.

Taskbox is a task manager that allows you to power up your teams and deliver your projects with 100% confidence. It goes beyond any other task manager, allowing you and your team to plan, track and complete work in one place.

We work in a very different time compared to business's 30 years ago, but many companies use the same processes and tools. Many companies worry that changing your business management process will be a long and drawn-out process that costs the earth. With Taskbox, this is not the case. Taskbox allows your business to implement the tools of today straight out of the box. If you require tweaks and custom workflows, our customer success teams are here to support you.

If any of the points within this article resonate with you, you should explore running Taskbox within your business. You'll be amazed at the difference you make within the first 7 days.

Try taskbox for free

Try Taskbox for free

Get started with Taskbox and access all our powerful features for free for 7 days. At the end of these 7 days, if you don't want to pay for our fantastic product, feel free to continue using the basics for free, forever.

If at any point you require help with your onboarding, speak to a member of the team, and we'll be sure to get your processes running smoother than ever before.

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