A day with Taskbox

There is no better way of knowing how Taskbox can work for you than seeing it in action. So take a look at how a day can look with Taskbox. No chasing, no scrolling. Just quick interactions throughout the day.

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05:30am - Wake up

Don't check the phone or work for at least an hour after waking up. Keep the head clear.

07:00am - Check the day ahead

Whilst having breakfast, open the mobile app and look at your planner to see what you have on for the day. Add notes if you need to message anyone.


08:30am - Update task status

When work begins, change the status of Tasks to in-progress. This will keep everyone up to date with what I'm on with.


09:43am - Message notification

Steve has sent me a message about a Task he is working on. Time to jump in and take a look.


11:38am - Close my Task

Complete with the first Task of the day? Change the status of the Task to done.


13:30pm - Future planning

Time to schedule work for the team in the future. Creating Projects, adding Tasks and scheduling which will complete them and on what days they will be completed.


13:45pm - Complete a form

Answer a series of questions to check all relevant areas have been tested with our latest release.


16:45pm - Check the latest work

Run through all the Tasks my team have set to quality control. Make sure everything has been done to the correct standard and close the Tasks.


17:30pm - Update tomorrow

Check the schedule for tomorrow and ensure everything is in place for a good day tomorrow.


19:00pm - Check todays report

Run through a quick traffic light report for today. Check anything amber or red to see what has gone wrong or not been complete and action accordingly.


22:30pm - Bed time

Go to bed knowing everything is done, and all work is planned for tomorrow.


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