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Our mission is to deliver an enjoyable & sustainable work experience.

We call this your work-style

We champion continual progress for teams and individuals by taking action that helps deliver results. Every touch point is crafted with a teamwork mindset, building a culture of teamwork and a shared purpose to build a better tomorrow.

The Beginning

The Taskbox journey began in 2018 when I (Ben Brown, the founder of Taskbox) set out to explore productivity at work. I've always been interested in processes and workflows, finding immense satisfaction in helping people deliver better results by ultimately doing less.

After spending three years researching and developing with some of the UK's smallest and most prominent organisations, I discovered several recipes that proved to help teams work better together. However, these recipes required several ingredients that no other SAAS product delivered, so we set out to build what you now know as Taskbox.

The Journey

The Journey

We built a platform that became more than just another web product. Our mission is to deliver a sustainable work style that helps teams achieve better results with less work. We want to make people more efficient to have a much better work-life balance.

Here at Taskbox, we don't believe in logging hours to receive a paycheck. Instead, we believe results, not time, should track a team or individuals progress. Therefore, we place the value of people at the core of Taskbox. So what needs doing, when and by who? It's simple!

The journey has been far from easy. To build a workstyle, we needed to develop a series of proven recipes we know generate results. We've been lucky to work alongside thousands of users daily to ensure our processes deliver the results we know they can.

Taskbox Today

Taskbox Today

Fast forward to 2022, and we've managed to build the product we initially set out to create. A place where teams can come together, deliver better results and achieve a sustainable work-life balance.

We now have over 10,000 companies on our platform in over 12 countries. We have a community of over 15,000 professionals, but this is only the beginning...

What's Next?

What's Next?

Our mission has always been to build a workstyle. Something much more significant than our product, the features we provide or the training we deliver. We want to create a community of people that care about a better way of working. This is where we begin the second phase of our journey.

We are on a mission to build the world's biggest community of professionals that value their work-life balance. A place where people can come together, share ideas, pass on their knowledge and build value for their skills.

We know this is a monumental mission to achieve, and we're incredibly excited to see what happens.

I hope you join us for the ride.

Ben Brown

Taskbox Founder


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