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About Us

We've got a lot to share!

We're a team of passionate individuals, focused on delivering solutions for the problems people have around getting work done.

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What we've built

A user-friendly, collaborative
project management system.

Taskbox is designed to make life easier for office teams collaborating with field teams so that they can plan, track and report on their work in progress in the most optimum of ways.

Designed to deliver the best experience available for managers to communicate with field teams and for field teams to complete and provide tasks without the need to handle and transfer paperwork. We automate workflows and processes so teams can efficiently collaborate and get more work done.

We've worked tirelessly on making sure our application is intuitive, efficient and guaranteed to improve business workflows.

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Our Mission

Revolutionise the way businesses complete work.

At Taskbox, we believe that conventional project management workflows and products are broken. Field teams and managers spend over 90% of their time away from a desk, but still, need up to date overviews on work in progress. No tools available enable accurate real-time tracking.

Taskbox has been designed to make remote management teams lives more comfortable with an application that can be used on any device in any location. We aimed to build a tool that puts the user's experience first and provides a working process more efficient and like no other tool available today.

We set out to do much more than removing the paperwork. We worked to deliver a tool that reduces the chances of things being missed and increases the likelihood of better results.

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How Taskbox Began

With a passion and drive to do something better.

Taskbox began in 2018 by Founders Ben Brown, Joe Coulson and Steve Smith. Originated from an idea Ben had while working as a product owner delivering a paperless data collection solution for utility companies. He noticed that one of the biggest problems isn't the fact that paper is the universal tool for completing work. It was that the very fundamentals of their workflows and processes were out of date. The technology of today could very well be used to deliver more efficient and reliable solutions.

Watching teams use paperwork as their primary tool immediately raised the issues of wasted time and bad quality. It would take weeks to gain data and results. The information would more often than not be wrong, and organisations would need to juggle many mediums to get jobs to the point of billing. These issues are present within many industries with no real solution to resolve.

Ben, Joe and Steve realised that utilising cloud computing, automation and offline workflows; they could create a solution that would drastically reduce the amount of time spent completing admin tasks, while also radically increasing the quality of work. The goal was set. Make a more productive workflow, that drives efficient processes and delivers accurate results.

After thousands of hours in development, testing and refining, Taskbox is complete. It is now one of the most innovative project management and tracking tools available. By combining project management and data collection, Taskbox delivers a real-time job management tool to help businesses get more done. With Taskbox, teams can now plan and distribute their work instantly. They can track the status of work in progress as and when data is captured. And more importantly, businesses can report on their projects in real-time, reducing the risk of downtime and unnecessary costs.

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Our Values

We will not stray!

From day one we knew it was essential to stay true to who we are. Our values have been taken directly from our founders, delivering the passion of doing the right thing for our customers success.

We always work with a straightforward idea in mind. Please treat others the way that we'd like to be treated. We are passionate about creating products that fill a need and deliver results — any product we use needs to fill a void.

No matter what it is we put in front of our customers, we always guarantee that it will deliver the results our customers need. If it doesn't, we'll make sure we get there.

While we are always striving to provide cutting edge technology for our customers, it is more important to ensure the reliability of the products we offer is second to none. By this we don't just mean clicking a button completes the action it is supposed too. It's about making sure the user experience is as expected. Things are where you would expect them to be. Features are available when it's obvious they should be there.

We believe that perfection is a thing that can never be met. Perfection is a moving target. Our goal is to move past the goals others are steering towards and work on another level. Creating products, features and benefits we know our customers want and need.

We'll never say no to a challenge. Anything that falls within the realms of what Taskbox stands for, we will continue to create a solution.

In a world where things are becoming ever more complicated, we decided from day one that we didn't want to move in this direction. We continually work with the model of "Keep things simple stupid!". With this, we are always pushing for the most intuitive, user-friendly process available.

From the conception stage of Taskbox, we have always questioned what else is possible. If someone asks for a square, we'll deliver the square while also creating a cube. Products and features are all three dimensional and people often ask for what is important to them at that time. We dig deep and explore what will be necessary to customers in the long term to make sure that we're taking care of users for the long run.