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Automate your workflows

What is automation?

Automation is carrying out a process with little or no human interaction. It's vital to saving time while also increasing the quality of your work.

For example: If you fail an audit, you may need to inform a team member. Real automation allows you to complete tasks like this without lifting a finger. The system you are using should take care of this for you.

“Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency”

Bill Gates.
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Tricks & Tips : Prioritise automatic alerts for team members. Don’t forget your app is a tool; your team are the ones that deliver result.

Combine management and data collection

Standard project management tools often don't provide true automated workflows and processes. Many say they offer automation but ultimately rely on manual intervention to kick start the automatic method, presenting multiple points of failure. A project management tool must include data collection to efficiently automate your processes.

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Tricks & Tips : Understand what routine tasks can be automated within your process.
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Tricks & Tips : Update your job / task profiles automatically with data collection.

What can be automated?

The possibilities of automation in apps are endless. Anything you can dream is feasible. It’s essential to focus on your process and what you need completing, instead of worrying about what you might be missing from your process.

It can start with simple steps, like adjusting the status of a job to notifying team members of work based on specific activities. In the world of automation and applications, anything is possible. Start with a simple workflow, and evolve as you improve.