How does Taskbox work for you?

Here are 6 keys steps to quickly get started and gain the fastest returns for your business.

Step 1: Add your spaces

Create a space for every department

Spaces allow you to organise work by department. With spaces you can track progress instantly with reports.

Step 2: Create a project

Set your goals and deadlines

You may have one or many deadlines you need to meet. Create a project, add an end date and make sure you deliver on time.

Step 3: Add some tasks

Break your project into tasks

Make a list of everything that needs to be completed to achieve your project. Add dates of when tasks need to be done and who will complete them.

Step 4: Complete your tasks

Get all your work done on time

Use the desktop web app or mobile app to complete all your tasks. Use the lists, kanban, timeline, maps or planner to complete work fast.

Step 5: Track progress

Make sure work is done right

Follow our easy to read reports to see where your attention is required. Then, reply to notes, reschedule where required and action for success.

Taskbox construction

We deliver game changing benfits for construction teams.

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