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Follow everything in your business on one screen with no distractions. Make sure all tasks are complete when they need to be done. Then, just add the widgets you need.

Follow all your work on one screen

Get started with our templates, then add and remove the widgets of your choice to take control of your work.

Dashboard templates

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We have designed a template dashboard for you to get started. See the time, work planned, notes, tasks assigned for you and daily completion totals.

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Add & remove widgets

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Change the information you have access to in your dashboard by adding and removing widgets.

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Drag and drop widgets

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Edit your dashboard to be the way you want it. Drag and drop widgets around your page to make it your own.

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Customise mobile & desktop

A dashboard for every device

Create unique dashboards for every device. Make sure you have quick access to the information you need.

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Want to know more about widgets?

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We've got a range of widgets to help you be more organised.

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