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Are you struggling to get the ball rolling with work?

There are many different ways to go about planning and completing work. Whether you currently use paper planning and emails or already implement digital apps, there are a few key tricks to quickly optimise how you go from an idea to action. It all starts with adopting the right elements within your workflow.

But before we start, what is a workflow?




The sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.

The concept of a workflow is to complete work with routine steps. Here at Taskbox we are passionate about discovering the most efficient ways to plan and complete work.

Here are 6 key things you need to implement into your workflow to save bucket loads of time and money, whilst improving the quality of work.

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1. Add new work in seconds

Do you ever find completing admin tasks boring? We know the feeling…

When in the thick of your working day, it’s easy to forget or lose track of things that need doing. That’s why it’s essential that you are able to log work or tasks in seconds whilst on the go. This removes any hurdles or excuses around planning and keeps the ball rolling.

We advise using an app for this for two key reasons. Number 1, it means you will always have your work with you as you more often than not have your phone with you. Number 2, adding work digitally auto backs up and shares with others. The perfect foundation for good team work.

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2. Schedule in 3 clicks

Do you often feel lost with what needs completing and when?

Planning work can be tricky. There are many factors to think about especially when it comes to prioritising. But don’t worry, it can be super simple.

Start by use a web app that enables you to see your work your way. This will speed up planning work by hours and reduces the process into three clicks.

The three steps to follow:

  1. Choose the view you want to work in
  2. Click to view your work profile
  3. Add the date/time you need work to be complete

It’s that simple. And to make it even better, when you work with an app like Taskbox, you can be sure that teams get updates when you schedule your work.

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3. Share with anyone instantly

Are you struggling to update and track who is working on what and when?

Updating teams on work schedules can be tough. Planning your work is one thing, but updating your team on what they need to do is another. Update meetings can very easily turn into management meetings that often lead into a lot of wasted time.

Introduce a clear structure of how people receive and complete their work. Make sure there are easy to digest instructions for your work, so people can hit the ground running and get more done.

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4. Get notifications of new work

Do you find yourself chasing updates on work?

Teamwork processes fail when teams don’t communicate well. Even with the greatest processes in place, reactive work can still crop up and for this work, it’s essential to talk to your team. Enter notifications.

Running a mobile app like Taskbox within your workflow, you can be sure people are automatically updated with any new work assigned to them. Even better than that, you can track to make sure people have seen your work.

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5. Message in app

Tired of jumping between messenger, what’s app, email and text to chat to teammates?

The key ingredient to any successful team is communication. But you don’t want to be jumping from one management tool to another just to message. Make sure you’re managing work with an app that allows you to intuitively message other people about work, in the work profiles.

Work with a wealth of tools , like tagging people for automatic notifications, formatting to identify important elements of messages, add lists in messages and more importantly, add emoji’s for a sprinkle of fun. Everyone loves and emoji.

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6. Complete as per requirements

Do you find yourself chasing updates on work? It’s time to get clear and confident.

Possibly the most important point of all, explain what needs to be complete and how it needs completing. You can never provide too much information for clarity. Give short, concise and descriptive information about what needs completing, why and how. It’s that simple.

Running a mobile app like Taskbox within your workflow, you can be sure people are automatically updated with any new work assigned to them. Even better than that, you can track to make sure people have seen your work.

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How does it help you?

Introducing these 6 steps into your workflow will revolutionise how you take an idea to action. They will dramatically improve team happiness, whilst also saving you a ton of time and money. We’ve also seen considerable improvements in the standard of work as a result of projects and tasks being planned correctly and clearly defined.

Here at Taskbox we live and breath this process. We run these 6 key points within our own project management processes everyday. If you would like to see a real world overview of how we manage our work with the Taskbox team, just let us know and we’ll look at putting together an article.

If you would like help implementing these steps into your process, simply sign up to Taskbox and you can get going in minutes.

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