January 12th

Get more done with automation

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Ben Brown

What is automation?

Automation is simply carrying out a process with little to no human intervention. In a world where there is a perpetual cycle of increased human intelligence leading to advances in technology, automation has become a vital component in saving time while also increasing the quality of your work.

For example: If you fail an audit, you may need to inform Person A.

Real automation allows you to complete tasks like this without lifting a finger. The system you are using in 2022 should take care of this for you. When the Audit is failed based on the data inputted, Person A is automatically notified off the back of these results through the app.

Why is it important

Automation will play more and more of an integral role in the future of all businesses, not just technology. There are a multitude of mental processes that are currently undertaken by human resource that can be automated. This does not mean removing the human resource, as only repetitive tasks can be automated, but workers that once did these jobs can progress and fulfil more skilful and effective roles within the business.

FOR EXAMPLE: if a person has completed a certain task for your company, or gives a certain response to a data input will automatically send the relevant action, to the relevant worker that would be responsible for this. this will be done instantaneously even if the workers are in completely different buildings, anywhere!

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What it can do for you:

Automation is the key to squeezing every drop of efficiency out of your workflow. we can essentially automate as much of the human roles as possible to; minimise the administrative mistakes that arise from human error, and allow your workers to spend more time adding value to your company in their area.

This in turn allows your company to benefit from:

  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Reduced lead times on projects
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase in productivity
  • Increase in workplace wellbeing

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