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Here are 6 keys steps to quickly get started and gain the fastest returns for your business.

Step 1

Create a project

A project represents a group of work. Create a new project in seconds to start sharing work with staff.

For example: Coffee shop admin, main office clean, kitchen routine

Step 2

Add some tasks

Break your project up into tasks you can track and schedule when they need completing. Create routine tasks for work that must happen on a regular basis.

For example: Check fridge temperature, clean floors, meet with manager

Step 3

Share your work

Make sure people get your work by assigning them to your project or tasks.

Add users Share tasks

Step 4

Complete your tasks

Check what is scheduled for today, reply to any notes and get your work done.

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Step 5

Track progress

Make sure people get your work by assigning them to your project or tasks.

Follow by status

Step 6

Report results

Get real-time insights into the success of your work. Discover highlights, problems, trends, efficiencies and much more.

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Taskbox hospitality

Taskbox delivers game changing benfits within hospitality.

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Taskbox has hundreds of great features available out the box.

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