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How it works

It's eight simple steps

Don't over complicate a process that can be simple.
You have work you need completing. We're here to make it easy.

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Step 1 : Plan

Create a Project

Use our intuitive wizards to create new work and get it all organised in one place. Add as little or as much information as you lie. We'll give you a nudge if you miss anything important.

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Step 2 : Schedule

Organise what's next

Schedule projects like a pro... Organised and always in the know. Schedule your projects and tasks by date, time, location, status or any other way that suits your work.

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Step 3 : Automate

Do less to do more!

Automation is carrying out a process with little or no human interaction. It's vital to saving time while also increasing the quality of your work. Configure your system to help you achieve more while doing less.


Add some automation.

Whether it's updating task profiles based on information collected or notifying managers with issues logged, you can create automation at any time in your app.


Just complete your work.

Triggering your automation couldn't be simpler. Complete your work, and once your trigger criteria are achieved, your automation will complete.


Get alerts of changes.

Stop checking for updates to your Projects. You'll get alerts based on any changes your automation makes.

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Step 4 : Collaborate

Inform your team

Your Project is planned and ready to be complete, it's time to deliver it to your team. Assign people to your Tasks, and they will instantly get a notification to get started.

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Step 5 : Collect Data

Stay organised

Sometimes Tasks need more information or can't have everything planned. Get instant access to collect any additional data you need. From forms and timesheets to issues and photos, quickly receive and automate your process.

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Automate your processes with intelligent digital data collection.

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Instantly capture and pass visuals of work to other team members.

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Log your work and travel within any Tasks in seconds.

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Automatically log issues while collecting data from forms.

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Instantly access any files you may have for Tasks and Projects.

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Log report ready audits and inspections for anything you need.

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Step 6 : Track

Always be in the know

Projects can take many shapes and sizes, but how do you know your teams are completing everything you need? Taskbox always has access to the latest information. Know what is complete, what still needs completing, and where any issues are present.

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Step 7 : Control Issues

Improve your quality

Issues aren't always a bad thing. Perfection is always a moving target. Issues are only a bad thing if you are not dealing with them correctly or learning from your mistakes?

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Automatically create issues

Set triggers in your data collection to automatically log issues if specifically answered.

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Add people and data

Tag your issues to people and add photos, notes and more for a full compliance log of your issue actions.

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Track issues

Keep track of all your issues and work towards resolutions and improving processes.

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Action and close issues

Resolve issues and implement processes so they don't occur again.

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Step 8 : Report

Track Your Projects

Follow the simple traffic light colours to success. Click on any data that shows as yellow or red to discover what is required for the success of your Projects and Tasks. It's that simple.