How Taskbox Works

Everything you need to make you and your team more productive.

Taskbox allows you and your team to get all work organised and ready to go in one place. With Taskbox, you will always know what needs doing, when it needs doing and who needs to do it. Let's jump right in...

It starts by creating some work

Add your projects and tasks into Taskbox in just a few clicks. It's important to understand the hierarchy of Taskbox before you add work.

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  1. Spaces

    Group projects and tasks into areas of your business called Spaces.

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  2. Projects

    Set goals and deadlines with Projects.

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  3. Tasks

    Make a list of what needs doing to complete your Project with Tasks.

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Organise your tasks

Once you've created some Spaces, Projects and Tasks, it's time to get organised. You may want to schedule by date, priority or by person. Either way, we've got you covered.


Assign completion or end dates to your projects and tasks.


Prioritise work as high, medium or low to keep track of urgent work.


Add users to projects and tasks so you know who is doing what.

Complete work in a couple of clicks

Check what is scheduled for today, reply to any notes and get your work done.

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Follow progress your way

Get used to the different views in Taskbox, so you can work how you want.






Report on your results

Get real-time insights into the success of your work. Discover highlights, problems, trends, efficiencies and much more.

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