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5 key things you need to know about working with Taskbox.

Step 1

Create a project

A project represents a group of work. Create a new project in seconds to start sharing work with staff.

For example: Coffee shop admin, main office clean, kitchen routine

Step 2

Add some tasks

Break your project up into tasks you can track and schedule when they need completing. Create routine tasks for work that must happen on a regular basis.

For example: Check fridge temperature, clean floors, meet with manager

Step 3

Share your work

Make sure people get your work by assigning them to your project or tasks.

Add users Share tasks

Step 4

Complete your tasks

Check what is scheduled for today, reply to any notes and get your work done.

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Step 5

Track progress

Make sure people get your work by assigning them to your project or tasks.

Follow by status

Step 6

Report results

Get real-time insights into the success of your work. Discover highlights, problems, trends, efficiencies and much more.

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Let Taskbox do the work for you


Get instant updates on your work with notifications to your phone or computer.


Communicate with your team simply by tagging other users in your notes.


Know the exact status of every task by setting and completing checklists.


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