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Introducing Taskbox Construction

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Every project, every update, shared with every team member. This is Taskbox Construction.

At Taskbox, we’re always working on utilising today’s technology to better the way businesses complete work. As a Work OS, we’re passionate about getting features to work as one, so we can take care of the tedious routine work you don’t need to focus on.

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What have we been working on?

Since day one of Taskbox, we’ve always had specific industries workflows in mind. We perfectly combine work management with data collection to ensure that standards are maintained in all aspects of a business. This naturally links to the construction industries for many different reasons. Throughout the last three years of Taskbox, we have been working round the clock, perfecting the workflows we have to offer.

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What are we launching?

Today we’re excited to release our revolutionary Construction based workflows with Taskbox Construction. Our new and exciting workflows combine task management and data collection in ways that no other system in the world does. We ensure that all your work is complete to the correct standard, with no chance of missing a beat. On top of this, we automatically plan and manage construction workloads directly from the data collected.

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What does this include for you?

The features we have spent years crafting deliver endless possibilities, For example, issues can be logged if a team member answers a question with the wrong answers. If a qty of work complete isn’t quite right, new management tasks can be created. The possibilities are endless, and the results are mind-blowing.

Here are some of the highlights for our new workflow:

  • Instantly share work with teams
  • Complete risk checks, inspections, audits & more
  • Get notifications on progress, notes and issues
  • Quality control with 100% accountability
  • Visually track jobs & progress
  • Get reports on the move
  • Automatically log issues to improve processes
  • Complete vehicle inspections
  • Manage certs and documents on the move
  • Issue toolbox talks instantly
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We’ve seen admin task work times reduce by up to 62%, whilst seeing the standard of work complete to over 99% compliance.

Would you like to see more about how these figures are possible? Check out the Taskbox Construction section of our website. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the team to find out more.

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