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The kanban board allows you to keep tasks moving. Reduce bottle knecks, improve efficiencies and keep everyone up to date... Fast!

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Follow tasks in status lanes

Visually follow work by status. Each lane represents a status, so you can easily drag and drop to manage.


Intuitive task tiles

Task tiles deliver a quick and intuitive insight into a task. Including name, status, piority, datea and more.


Connect and follow teammates

Filter you kanban board by any team member. This allows you to quickly see who is working on which task.


Drag and drop tasks into status

Visually progress work in the kanban board. Simnply drag and drop your tasks tiles into a different lane to change the status.


Filter and search work

Use the intuitive search bar to find any work in your kanban board. From team members to the priority of tasks, search anything.


Focus on work by using search


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