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Since Taskbox left Beta mode in December 2021, we’ve had well over 2,500 great companies, non-profits, students and individuals sign up to Taskbox. We love to see how we can help people be more organised and work better together.

Over the last few months, we’ve had feedback that many people love our features but don’t necessarily need the storage and user numbers Taskbox Pro provides. As a result, we wanted to deliver a better price point to improve the user experience for people who don’t or can’t upgrade to Pro by introducing a more affordable pricing plan.

Introducing… Taskbox Lite

We have managed to achieve this by reducing the number of users who can join a Taskbox Lite team, offering an intuitive self-support package, and reducing the amount of data you can store.

So if you are an individual who still wants to manage their work via kanban or timeline or a small business that doesn’t need the advanced storage or support pro has to offer, Taskbox Lite is the perfect plan for you.

We genuinely hope this new pricing plan helps you get more organised than ever before...

Want to know more about Taskbox Lite? Head over to our Taskbox Lite page to see more.

Taskbox Lite

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