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January 15th

Making collecting data simple. Introducing Taskbox Smart Forms

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Ben Brown

The word “forms” means many different things, to many different businesses. In fact, it may mean something totally different for those workers within that individual business. It’s a general word, that without definition or context can mean so little to so many.

But how do you narrow down something that can do so many things, in such a variety of applications, in almost any business or personal scenario imaginable? It’s hard to specify something that is so broadly powerful and so influential to everyone who will use it and benefit from it in all scenarios.

We will try anyway - Taskbox Smart Forms.

Naming them “Smart Forms” is a good start, they are smart. Exceptionally smart actually, and they make your business smarter, and your decision making smarter. In fact they allow you to collect any and all data that is relevant to your business function and decision making in a way that has never been easier for you to consistently collect this data, with pinpoint accuracy.

All the while, making it as easy as it physically can be for your employees, without collecting the data ourselves for them. We don’t want to do that - we build software.

You’ll only ever need to create a form once if you want to create your own at all. Once you have the form, or an amended template, or just a template, you won't need to create one again. You can duplicate this, replicate it in any way you’d like. We even have version controlling, so you can see the amendments you’ve made to your forms, and the date it was amended, so that you can always be aligned with the most up to date documentation, and everyone is singing from the same Smart Form. Not hymn sheet.

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Start with a template:

We don’t expect you to have to start from scratch with your Smart forms if you don’t want to - you can if you want - but you don’t have to.

We have a huge catalogue of form templates that are specific to your industry. Within Taskbox you have a bank of form templates that you can choose whether you want to use them, or not. Depending on your industry will depend on the templates you receive, we wont give you a form for a manufacturing business if you are running a construction firm.

But wait, there’s more!

You can take our templates that are relevant to you, and if you have any additional questions you need raising in the form, or need to remove some, or both, or change the order, you can do all of that within Taskbox. You’re able to completely customise our templates to suit your data collection needs. You can have an infinite number of form versions in your library.

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Build your own:

Our Smart Form builder has been developed with ease of use in mind. You can easily create new company-specific forms in minutes and evolve them in any way you require over time, with an organised catalogued filing system.

Forms can be built with easy to use question types so completion is simple and tailored to your needs. Whether it be for management purposes, compliance with regulation, company policy, or simply data collection.

Within the Smart Form builder you are able to choose the exact wording of your questions, how you would like the questions to appear on the screen when one of your team is completing it; whether it be to work down a scrolling list, or whether you’d like one data collection point per page, and once completed, roll over to the next point. As well as the format in which you would like them to provide their answer.

Add a multitude of different answer types, that suit the question or data collection point you would like to include within the form, as well as the structure to which you would like to form to be completed in.

If the answer is a simple yes or no, then you are able to have 2 separate buttons that simply designate Yes and No. if the question is more complex and could have several different answers, you may be more inclined to use a drop-down menu, checkboxes, or pop up answers, where your teammates can select answers that apply or select from a choice of answers.

You can also have answers in a plain text box, both for short and concise variable text inputs, as well as longer, more detailed report-like answers.

So we have covered that you can ask just about anything relating to your business within forms, and have your teammates answer in ways that collect the data more effectively. We have covered that you can entirely control how these questions are answered, that it is as quick and as easy as it physically can be to collect data in this way. Can you imagine producing all this over and over again, distributing paper forms, the time it takes to do this - the ENERGY it takes to do this? Does it seem like a waste of time or a thing of the past yet?

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Did we mention Taskbox uses tiny robots in your phone? Well, Not quite.

What if we told you that depending on a certain answer that may be given in any of your 100s of industry-specific forms, that you are able to automatically trigger actions and responses based on them. I'll use an example:

Let’s say that you are filling in a very-basic-illustrative-purpose site safety check.

Let’s say the question is: “is this puddle too deep to jump in without this causing significant water damage to your corduroys?”

And the answer is: “yes”

This is now a hazard to you, your colleagues and your favourite trousers. Based on the answer “yes”; Taskbox can automatically send out notifications to all the relevant users that are corduroy-wearing puddle-jumpers, that the site is not safe at present, and action is required to prevent any potential incidents involving damp trousers.

You can add these triggers to any response, it is not exclusive to “yes or no”. But with our mildly unfunny example, we hope triggers and their power to ensure absolute safety, and immediacy of information getting to the right people makes this clearer.

Once your team have completed a form, they are required to sign this with their signature, to verify before sending the form away. You can e-sign all your forms from your computer or mobile devices using the touch screens or mouse pad. This allows the form manager to take ownership of the data they have collected, be accountable for it, and allows ease of locating any form completed, and the hands that completed it.

Once a Smart for has been completed, signed off and stored, the data can be interpreted, reported on and reviewed to make further business decisions, alterations, and reports.

If you’re thinking how complex, or much work that sounds, remember that:

    If you’re thinking how complex, or much work that sounds, remember that Filling it out is as easy as the quizzes that we know you do online about which FRIENDS character you would be, or what breed of dog you would be... Most of this hard to describe work is completed quicker than you can blink by Taskbox.

All you need to do is punch the answers into your computer or mobile device, and we do the rest.

Within Taskbox we even allow for seamless exporting of your reports as a .pdf so that once you complete a form within Taskbox, you can send it off immediately as an email attachment, wherever you need it to go.

You can do all of this from a mobile app.. did we mention that?