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January 7th

Dashboard - All your work on one page

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Ben Brown
“The writer who breeds more words than he needs is making a chore for the reader who reads.”
- Dr Seuss

People waste countless hours sifting through irrelevant information to get to what they truly need to get their work done. Much of the documentation you sift through has no bearing on the task at hand, and you can often find yourself flicking backwards and forwards between snippets of information, and losing track.

Taskbox dashboard puts all of your required work for the day and associated information on one page; clearly formatted, and specific to your role in the company and projects you are undertaking.

The dashboard is designed to maximise the value of the information you see on your landing page within the app. It’s always specific to you and will contain all the elements of work that you are required to do on that day, and you can clearly navigate and tackle this. It enables you to see all your crucial metrics to enable you to be as proactive as possible with your work.

The beauty of the dashboard is the level of tailoring that it has to you and your role within the business. If you are in a management or supervisory role, your dashboard will provide you with critical reporting and metrics information and are integral in Business Performance Management. Much like the dashboard in your vehicle, the dashboard displays real-time key metrics and performance indicators, guiding decisions and allowing you to remain agile and proactive in your operations.

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If you are in a more specialised role within the business, you will simply see all tasks, new jobs created, notes from teammates and any forms you are required to fill in or sign. You will not require any larger-scale performance indicators but these can be communicated to you by a manager.

Seeing everything on one page, in an uncomplicated way takes the stress out of your days tasks, and allows a constant touching base with what you need to achieve in the day. It makes the work more manageable.

Communicate with your Team in Real time

  • Efficiency
  • Clear cut, relevant information
  • Make better decisions
  • Better business performance
  • Delegate effectively
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Headline Features

The Today Tab

Today is where you will find the day’s outstanding tasks for you to complete as an individual worker, or oversee as a supervisor or manager.

Tasks are clearly mapped out with priority ratings and end dates so you can see what you need to be doing and in what order.

New work Created - inbox

Here is where any new jobs that have been created but not yet allocated or scheduled. You may need to schedule these if that is within your span of control or wait for these to be allocated for you.

Jobs will remain in the inbox until the key information fields that are needed for a project or job are completed, such as end date and priority ratings.

A Tab for all your instant notes.

Attach notes to a specific task, project, issue file, or photo to give any additional information, or flag up anything that may be relevant to anyone else working on the project.

You can use this as an instant communication line but also a useful place to attach comments on your section of a collaborative project.

Your Data Forms in Dashboard

The form board allows you to see any outstanding documentation or data collection that is required to be either signed off or submitted.

Documentation can include anything from a Safety check that requires a signature or completion, to a timesheet that you are required to submit or approve. Any of the company-specific forms that you use on a day to day basis.

Simply click the form to be taken right to it for review and signing.

Dashboard is one of the features we are most proud of. Seeing everything on one page, in an uncomplicated way takes the stress out of your days tasks, and allows a constant touching base with what you need to achieve in the day. It makes it clear what you have to do, and gives everyone the greatest chance of successful and timely completion.