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The new Taskbox planner allows you to keep up with your daily routines. See what is happening each day, add new tasks and complete work faster than ever.

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Schedule tasks so everyone knows what is next.

Add dates or times to a task for them to appear in your planner.

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Simple task tiles for easy following

Planner displays all your tasks in a faster and easier to follow format.


Follow your planner to stay in control

You can keep up to date with everything that has happened, everything that is in progress and all that is due to start.

Task dates

Manage your work on one screen

Create new tasks the fast way

Click on the + icon for each day to add an existing task or new tasks to a day.

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Available on desktop for a seamless experience

Your mobile-friendly planner is available on desktop and tablet, so you always know what is next.

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Search to find your task fast

Use the search to find a task and immediately jump to the day it is due to be completed.

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