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Ever wondered how efficient you are in project management? We'll ask you a few questions, then generate a detailed report on our findings.

What is the Taskbox scorecard?

In the world of technology, the return on investment is thrown around with no real understanding for the businesses using the application. That won't happen here.

The Taskbox efficiency rating investigates each stage of project management within your business, identifying where you can improve.

Good Design
Good Design

How it works.

The scorecard provides a discovery of how well you and your business are implementing digital applications into your project management workflows. It does this by looking into the 8 core areas of project management. Once complete, you will get an easy to digest the percentage score.


Your score

The scorecard takes the results from your questionnaire, calculates the answers based on how well you are adopting digital workflows within your project management process and delivers an easy to understand percentage rating.


Scorecard areas

The scorecard analyses 8 core areas of project management. The scorecard measures your efficiency on speed, quality and team morale. Once your scorecard is complete, each area will deliver a score so you can analyse how to improve.


Improvement chart

The scorecard is incredibly easy to digest. Check your results, focus on red areas and make sure you improve. The aim is to understand any issues, action them and work on converting your scorecard to being green in results.

Scorecard Areas

Digging into your process.

After thousands of hours of research and development, we have identified that there are 8 core areas to focus on when it comes to implementing digital project management tools. Let's take a look.

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Organise all your work in a single platform.

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Manage what needs completing and when.

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Stop wasting time and let our robots work for you.

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Give everyone instant access to their latest work.

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Collect Data

Gather accurate task information in a few of clicks.

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Know what is complete and left to complete.

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Issue Control

Find, log and fix any issues you have.

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Instantly analyse and learn from your data.

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