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Group all your projects and tasks by department, location, branch, store, etc. Assign a project to a space for a focused look on an area of your business.

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Get started with our templates, then add and remove the widgets of your choice to take control of your work.

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Mirror the structure of your business

Add a new space for each area, department or branch, and start grouping your projects to track progress.

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Differentiate your spaces for easy tracking

Set colours of spaces so you can quickly differentiate one from another.

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Set goals for your spaces

Set goals for spaces by adding an unlimited number of projects to one or more spaces.

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View your space your way

Click on a space to view everything in the space. This will add a filter to the search to see your space in kanban, lists, timeline and more.

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Report on progress

Discover where things went well

Follow an easy-to-read and intuitive traffic light report to discover where work went well and where there is room for improvement.

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