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Create quick and clear lists of tasks to complete. Add checklists, documents, notes and more. Instantly share your tasks with others in seconds.

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of all your goals

Add new tasks on your computer, tablet or mobile in a few clicks.

Create tasks

Create a task for anything and everything

Add everything you need to complete as a new task. Include production dates, checklists, priorities, files, forms and more.

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Automatically plan work

Log work without lifting a finger

Trigger new work to be created, assigned, shared and more, simply by completing a form.

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Add instructions

Set a clear outline of what to do

Add the things you need doing as to do items. Link to forms, photos timehseets and more.

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Share tasks

Make sure everyone knows what to do

Create a workflow where everyone is in the loop. Share tasks with anyone in seconds.

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Set routines

Automate the regular work

Create new tasks and schedule them to repeat everyday, week, month or however you need.

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Everything in one place

Always know what needs doing next

Stop using multiple platforms to store data. Add everything into task profiles.

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Get notifications about updates

From new task assignments to notes added, you will always be up to date.

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Complete tasks

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