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The process for better planning

Firstly, what is planning?

It is a method, a process, a skill-set, a mindset. It’s a set of core values you can implement into your workflow to always be in control.

The planning thinking process is easy to follow and promotes collaboration between planning teams and construction teams, with the focus on a precise result.

"A plan is what a schedule is when. It takes both a plan and a schedule to get things done"

Peter Turla.

The process

Based on years of testing and feedback, the project planning process can be broken down into five steps.

  • Background
  • Objective
  • End date
  • Team
  • Location


Put oneself into the shoes of the person receiving work. Why am I completing this work?

Give teams a background as to why the work being planned needs completing. This will help your team understand the bigger picture and get them focused.

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Tricks & Tips : Use an app that provides an overview of the status of planning. It’s essential to know if you are missing information for work to be complete.


Provide the necessary direction to proceed towards the outcome you require.

You don’t want to overwhelm people with too much information, but it’s essential to give the full picture. Don’t assume people know what you want completing. Be specific.

End Date

Start directing people when things need to be complete.

It’s essential to focus peoples attention towards what needs completing, but it’s incredibly important to highlight when it needs to be complete for. Start adding dates to all the tasks you have for completion.


It’s time to start working in sync with other teams.

This step is key to collaborating effectively. Don’t drop people into the deep end last minute. Let everyone know what they have coming up as soon as possible.


It’s important to know where each of your Tasks is being complete.

This phase brings your full planning circle. Whether it be a location in a factory or pinpoint on a map, it’s important to tell people where you expect them to be.

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Tricks & Tips : Make sure you can access and plan work on the move.
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Tricks & Tips : It sounds obvious, but find an app you enjoy using.

The purpose of planning thinking

Planning thinking encourages us to remove the blinkers and consider how work will be received. The entire process lends itself to exploring new pathways and ideas while developing a library of work anyone can pick and complete.

Another great benefit is that you put your colleagues first.

Benefits of planning thinking

Planning thinking encourages innovation and creates a pro-active, efficient working process. It ensures that the outcome meets objectives and client requirements, helping to speed up your initial steps of project management while making work more accurate.