March 5th

Taskbox Update 2.11.3

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Ben Brown

At taskbox we have been continually developing our software to make it the ultimate comprehensive productivity tool. We have a new look, new features, new everything - and we think we have done it. Introducing Taskbox 2.0.

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New Dashboard

All your work in one place, clearly formatted and ready to action. You asked and we listened.

We have given you a landing page that delivers everything that needs your attention on one centralised page. This gives you a full and complete overview of all facets of your business. From projects to complete, data to collect or respond to, instant messages, and tasks that require scheduling.

The dashboard is completely interactive, and when you action an element within, you will see it move from one section to the other. It changes in real time so that you can see exactly what is happening, as it happens.

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New Projects

There will always be a trade off between providing as much information as possible, and cluttering up an interface. With our new update we have found the perfect balance. Giving you everything you need in your projects, and nothing more.

We at taskbox like to be more thorough than anyone, and we have realised that thoroughness can be refined to produce the perfect user experience when using the app without unnecessary complication.

You can still access all the same useful information, but it doesn’t strike you in the face when you don’t need it. We’ve made it easy to find.

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With our new projects tab you can clearly see all the projects you have going on, where they are at in terms of completion, and what tasks are outstanding. Our colours have been given some added pizzazz, so you can see even clearer what status your projects are in.

It means that you need only glance at taskbox to get a full idea of what stages your projects are at.

You can still access all the excellent views, Kanban, calendar, gantt and more, but we’ve improved everything simply, and beautifully.

We’ve made taskbox the best centralised project management software available. We have invested entirely on our product development, and not on trying to market gimmicks and a half baked product.

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Taskbox is real project management, for real technical businesses - not just their marketing and HR teams.

You can run your entire operations through Taskbox if you want to, we’ve made it powerful enough for businesses to trust us and what we do.

Start a free trial today, and we are certain you’ll keep using it.