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Taskbox Update 2.22.0

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What’s inside v2.22.0

Taskbox v2.21 update delivers revolutionary tools for you and your team to get more organised than ever. With this update, you will be able to mirror the structure of your business to allow your business to manage all projects and tasks, so you know everything is done on time.

Let’s take a look…


Our new spaces feature allows you to group projects and tasks into an area that delivers real-time visibility of progress. No matter what your business provides, you can now follow what has been done, what was done late and what is incomplete.


Create new spaces in seconds

This update is only really relevant to you if you’re looking to sign up to Taskbox. Previously, on sign up, we would guide you through getting started via email. From today, you will be able to sign up to Taskbox and jump straight in to get started. No more delays for training. We’ll help you as you go.

Create space

Assign projects to start tracking progress

Once you have a ‘Space’ created, you can begin assigning projects. Once you have assigned projects, you will get access to real-time progress reports.

For example, if you have a space called ‘Marketing’ and assign a project called ‘Social posts’ that has several tasks within, you will get reports on whether the ‘Marketing’ space is on track as tasks and projects are completed.

Create space

Space cards for quick insights

Space cards are available as soon as you create a new space. Each space card is colour coded (you can edit the colour) and includes a quick total for the progress of your space. As projects and tasks are completed, the totals will increase.

Create space

Space reports deliver revolutionary knowledge

Space reports deliver real-time insights of all your work broken down into 3 categories:

  • On-time - Tasks completed before or during their start and end times
  • Late - Tasks completed late are shown in orange when completed after their scheduled dates
  • In-complete - In-complete tasks show red for the day they were scheduled

This feature becomes incredibly valuable when reviewing the progress of previous days.


Our new planner feature allows all your team members to keep up to date with what they need to complete each day. Users can see what is on today, tomorrow, and any time in the future and be able to look back at what happened on previous days.

Create space

See all scheduled tasks

The planner shows all tasks that are scheduled and assigned to you. Initially loading on today, you can quickly scroll through previous and future days, seeing all tasks assigned to you.

Add new tasks

Add new tasks to your schedule by clicking on the plus buttons each day.

Schedule existing tasks

Need to schedule an existing task. Click on the + icon to find a task you need to schedule.

View tasks

Want to view a task? Click your task to see the details

New dashboard

Our new dashboard allows you to configure a space to follow the exact progress of your active work. From the latest notes to the status of tasks, simply add and remove what you need.

Create space

Bespoke on desktop, iPad and mobile

Your new dashboard saves based on your device, so you can have a different dashboard on your computer, tablet and mobile phone. This comes in helpful in having a productivity-based dashboard on mobile and a reporting based dashboard on your computer.

Drag and drop

Move your dashboard widgets around as you prefer. Simply click on the edit, then drag and drop your widgets.

Add/remove widgets

Select the widgets that you require for your role. Then, click the X button to remove widgets from your dashboard.

Future widgets

We have plans to add new widgets regularly. If there are any widgets you require for your position or daily activities, please get in touch with a team member via our in-app live chat.

New search

The new Taskbox search is a powerful tool that allows you to find what you need when you need it. In addition, there are some compelling features to help you get more done.

Create space

Available on mobile and desktop

Our powerful search works the same on desktop and mobile. Simply search for what you need, and filters will be applied. Search by multiple data sets so you can find what you need.

Find anything

Our new search allows you to search by preset options or anything you require, from dates and task statuses to the name of projects or other users. Just type and search to get what you need.

Navigate with your search

Search remains until your choose to clear. Then, add a search and navigate through Taskbox only v viewing what you have searched for this. Make the most of all our powerful views to see your work the way you need to.

Add and remove filters

Need to filter your search a little more? Add and remove your search filters as many times as you require. There are now limitless opportunities for your workflows.

Additional updates

We also have many new user experience updates to help improve the features you know and love.

New date pickers

Add dates to projects and tasks now just got a whole lot easier. You can now type dates into the date pickers. This makes it easier to add dates for work that occurs in the future.

New mobile footer menu

Your mobile menu has now been updated. We’ve introduced the planner into the footer menu so you can quickly get to your schedule with a click.

New menu for desktop and tablet

Our desktop and tablet apps no longer have new menus to make finding the work you need easier. Instead, spaces, projects, tasks and views are all grouped together so you can get to what you need quicker.

Filter sorting in the kanban board

The kanban board is one of our most popular features, so in this update, we allow you to sort the list of tasks that appear in an order you require, from names and dates to priority and updates.

Sorting in the project list

The project view on a desktop is one of the most powerful tools used by thousands daily. After many requests, we now allow you to sort your projects into an order that works for your daily activities. Just look for the up/down arrow button in the project list.

If you would like more information on this update, get in touch with a team member via our live chat.

We hope you enjoy the new features we’ve been working on.

Many thanks,
The Taskbox Team

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