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Taskbox Update 2.27.0

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What’s inside v2.27.0

This update has a great mix of new features, user experience upgrades, and some critical bug fixes. So we won’t bore you with a long introduction to the update. Instead, let’s just jump straight in.

Let’s take a look…

Major updates

New manager assignment

We noticed that many of our users were removing themselves from creating tasks. This was often the case so that the tasks didn’t show in their planner. We aim always to remove admin times and deliver an enjoyable user experience.

So in this update, we have decided to stop automatically assigning the person creating a task to the task. This will help you differentiate between managing a task and working on a task much better.


New managers filter in search

Now that we no longer auto-assign the person creating a task to a task, we feel people will want to search by either managers or users working on tasks.

So we have now added manager to the search bar. Click on the manager button to see a list of all managers within your Taskbox account. Selecting people will then filter your work based on project and task managers.

New kanban project view

After many requests from users in different industries worldwide, we have now introduced projects to the kanban board. You will notice a new projects button located in the search bar. Click this, and you can see all your projects on the kanban board.

And yes, the search bar works in the project board too. 👍🏻

Show and hide lanes in kanban

We’ve noticed that many users don’t find a need for all the lanes in the kanban board daily. So in this update, you can now show and hide lanes as you need to.

You will see a cog button in the search bar of kanban. Click this, and you will be able to hide any lane you no longer need access to.

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New billing conversion from trial to paid plans

We’ve had reports of people struggling to transition from a free trial to lite and pro accounts. The process has now been refined and tidied up to ensure everyone can carry on using the full features on lite and Pro without any issues.

New Taskbox Lite pricing plan

We now have a new pricing plan - Taskbox Lite. Offer all the great features of Pro; with a smaller price tag, you can keep using all the features you love. Check out our new plan today.

New search when filters are applied

Before this update, if you applied filters to your search bar and then completed a search, your search would reference all work outside of your filters. This could become troublesome and tiring reasonably quickly.

We have now resolved this feature, so you can only search for items in the selected filters.

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Additional updates

There are many other tweaks we’ve made within Taskbox v2.27.0. All aimed to make your user experience that little bit better.

  • Creating a routine task spans two days in the USA
  • Amends to creating tasks in the project list view
  • Styling amends to the search bar, so it falls onto two lines on smaller screens
  • Your latest notes will now automatically show at the top of project and task notes
  • Project lists will now auto alphabetise for faster viewing
  • Styling tidy ups on creating a new task modal (the pop up in task list, Kansan, calendar, timeline and maps
  • Old project and task views have now been discontinued
  • Task totals widget in the dashboard now shows the correct totals
  • Updates to improve the user functionality of task and project role restrictions

If you have any questions about any of our updates or need to report a bug, click on the purple chat button in the bottom right.

We hope you enjoy the new features we’ve been working on.

Many thanks,
The Taskbox Team

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