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Use the kanban board to eaily work through your takss, check everything on the dashboard and keep up to date with notes.

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Create new work in seconds

Add projects, tasks and checklists for you and your team to complete in just a few clicks.


Share your work with other users

Assign anyone in your Taskbox account to a project, task or form so they get instant access.


Message team mates in notes

Add titles, lists, quotes, code and much more into your notes.


Become a better team by talking more

Add photos, videos and audio files

Share photos, videos, audio files, .pdf's and more to really describe the work you're completing.


Log issues

Got problem you need to share with someone else? Just log an issue and everyone to see.


Create a timesheet

Log hours, travel or work quantities for your Tasks or Projects.


Manage your work in one screen

Get notifications on new notes, tasks and more

On the move? No worries. You'll get notifications about new messages.


Let's get you up to speed

Choose from a bunch of training articles & video tutorials to become a Taskbox Pro in no time.


Getting Started

Getting started with Taskbox is simple. In this section of the help centre, we cover the main features in Taskbox that you will want to get up to speed with.


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