March 3rd

What is a workflow and why are they important?

What is a workflow and why does everyone keep talking about them?

A workflow is, simply put, the process that turns an input into an output.

E.g: Take making a car journey somewhere for the first time; you have 3 options:
Guessing the route

You may think you know the rough route without using a map or a Sat Nav, and you may want to attempt the journey doing this.

You’ll eventually get there, after making wrong turns, asking for directions, and worrying that your car will run out of fuel/charge.

Using an old map

Believe it or not there are people around today that still believe this is the most advanced, efficient and accurate form of direction available. If you use a map you’ll be able to pre-plan a route in an amount of time before you set off. Hopefully you’d have fewer errors, and take less time to complete it - this is the first improvement to the workflow.

Using a SatNav/GPS

SatNav is the best current method of getting from point to destination - input to output for car travel. Shockingly, there are some of us that still are not aware that this technology exists, its capability, nor use it. A modern SatNav is an example of optimising your workflow.

You’ll not only have accurate step by step guides to which roads to take, when to take them. It will adapt to traffic and re-route you to save you time and make the journey as easy as possible.

You’ll eventually get there, after making wrong turns, asking for directions, and worrying that your car will run out of fuel/charge.

Blog Figure Think of Taskbox as your work SatNav. This article will show you how.

Why do I need an optimised workflow?

You don’t. You can keep on going the way you are, in the same way you can carry on making journeys in your car guessing the route.

You’ll get there, but we live in a world where businesses need to improve continually, battling increased competition and everything else.

Businesses are constantly looking to streamline and shave their processes and costs - is guessing what they are doing? Why would you guess the route in a world of certainty?

By implementing a standardised software workflow manager, you are not guessing anything.

We have spent years researching the workflows of real companies and devised a software that takes all the thought out of improving your workflow, without the headache.

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Here’s 4 things that implementing a workflow manager like Taskbox can do for you:

1. Increase productivity of EVERYONE

Using a software like Taskbox allows you and your team to save time that would be otherwise spent making a decision, allocating time, or asking the right person for advice.

By clearly funnelling work and roles, letting everyone in your team know what they need to do, when, why and how; you get consistently productive output from everyone.

This means you aren’t guessing, asking for directions and stressing, because you simply need to consult the Taskbox ‘SatNav’ and everything anyone requires is in there, laid out and specific to them.

We have workflow Templates available, so you can get started straight away - no need to waste time.

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2. Say “goodbye” to micro-managing

Laying out work and roles clearly in a workflow manager significantly reduces the need for, and time spent on micro-managing.

Your team can begin to manage themselves with clear guidance and structure provided by Taskbox.

If you do need to manage an individual, this can be done through instant communication channels (notes) within the app, and means that you spend less time micro-managing, and do so with the least amount of disruption.

Focus more on big-picture things, and doing what you do best.

3. Consistent results, consistently

Providing a clear structure of operations consistent to everyone in your team will inevitably increase the consistency of delivering results.

Your SatNav will give you the same route every time, and it is quicker than your guesswork route, or a route you plan on a map, and its the same every time.

Better controlling project variables will in turn reduce the risk you incur in your operations. Your team will have a clear-cut understanding on how to get things done the right way consistently, reducing the probability of error.

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4. Provide transparency and accountability

With a workflow manager such as Taskbox, each individual step of your process is documented and can be referred back to.

Track delays and error in real time and be agile in your response to it. You will often be in a position to predict and prevent such things before they happen.

By having clear deliverables always there to be referred to, your team aren’t guessing what needs prioritising and how you need something to be done.

Would you like your team to be guessing how you need something done? Or filling in the gaps of a general instruction? I wouldn’t.

They need direction, and you the manager are there to provide that - Taskbox will provide that without bogging you down with it.

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Its not reinventing the wheel

In the same way a SatNav is still a form of map, implementing a new workflow is still your normal day-to-day processes. You still recognise SatNav as a map - but its interactive, and gives you the route to your destination clearly, simply and better.

Taskbox provides a route to a more efficient process clearly, simply and better. Your team are employed to fulfil a role, because they’re good at it - we want them to continue this. But if you can make the time they spend doing other things, and wattages, they have even more time to do the same fantastic job.

The only change you’ll have to make is start using the Software, everything else comes as a result.

We can go further - Taskbox Ultra

Taskbox doesn’t stop at providing you with the most advanced workflow manager you can use. We offer a package that works with your company, to truly dive into your processes and pinpoint our development to optimise your workflow to the next level. This package gives you possibly the most unfair advantage of all.

We create bespoke workflows for your business, and work with you to adapt and perfect this, to make you as efficient as you can be, and have the best advantage you can have.

Mention of - we have templates you can use, you dont need to start from scratch.