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All you need to run a paperless workplace in one app. Create tasks, set routines, share with others and complete work fast, knowing everything has been done right as it happens.

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Revolutionary benefits
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Save up to a day a month on admin tasks

  • Reduce number of meetings
  • Clarity on what needs doing
  • Direct messaging with teams
  • Alerts on the move

Guarantee H&S and compliance

  • Collect data in the app
  • Alerts of issues logged
  • Visibility of incomplete tasks
  • Real-time reports on progress

Provide 100% accurate quality control

  • Collect data in the app
  • Routines for regular checks
  • Talk to teams in real-time
  • Daily audit reports

Instant reporting for client satisfaction

  • Know the status of all sites
  • Set clients rules as routines
  • Locate any data in seconds
  • Track incomplete tasks

Reduce operational costs

  • Become 100% paperless
  • Track progress in real-time
  • Reduce site visits
  • Track performance & trends

Improve location hygiene

  • Collect/report actionable data
  • Set cleaning as routine tasks
  • Introduce inspections in app
  • Instant reports on standards

Protect your business

Taskbox includes all the necessary tasks, checks, audits and inspections you need to protect your business.

Incident reports

Make sure you record, action and report all accidents as they happen.

Incident reports

Hygiene checks

Prove to EHOs that your sites are delivering the highest level of hygiene.

Hygiene checks

Fire safety

Complete routine checks to ensure all your customers are safe.

Fire Safety

Equipment logs

Inspect fridges, cookers, washers, and catch problems before they happen.

Equipment logs

Audits and inspections

Create a digital history of all routine data you collect. Then, learn from this data with reports.

Audits & inspections

COVID-19 checks

Make sure your team is fit and ready for work before starting the day.

Covid checks

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