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Get everything done right!

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Perform at the highest standards

Manage daily operations, communicate with teams, control food safety and make sure everything is done right, with real-time updates.


Cut costs & save time

Discover hunderds of cost savings whilst reducing admin times by up to 20%.


Let staff know what to do

Daily updates and simple apps allow all teams to know what needs doing next.


Guarentee top results

The easy to follow taskbox process ensures all no work planned will go missed.

Remote manage all your teams and work

Plan new work in minutes, share with anyone on the go and make sure everything is done on time.

Create and share tasks for yourself or others to complete. Everyone will get notifications about new work.
Things that you need doing on a regular basis can be created as repeat tasks. Taskbox will then update you when these tasks need completing.
Complete all checks and inspections directly within the Taskbox app. Creste your own forms to complete oruse one of our templates.
  • Health & Safety
  • Quality Control
  • Company Standards
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All you need in one app

Keep a secure record of all tasks completed, along with the data collect for each task.

Task management

Plan, share and complete everything that needs doing in your business.

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Team Communication

Message specific people or share thoughts with others about your work.

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Forms & Checklists

Ditch paperwork and collect data about your work in a few clicks to know it is done.

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Employee Scheduling

Create a schedule for all staff and know who is working on what and when.

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Time Tracking

Log the hours worked on all your tasks, so you know how long things take.

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Analytics & Reporting

Get intuitive insights about all your tasks. Updating progress, issues & results.

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Follow a simple process

Enthusiastically engage cross-media leadership skills for alternative experiences. Proactively drive vertical systems than intuitive architectures.

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  • Step 1

    Plan & share

    Add everything that needs doing into Taskbox. From daily inspections to receiving deliveries. If you add it, you can track it.

  • Step 2

    Check today

    Start the day checking what needs to be done. Have a clear focus on all the tasks that need to be complete.

  • Step 3

    Complete tasks

    Mark your tasks as done for the day as you complete them. This will promote positive action as you go.

  • Step 4

    Report progress

    Check your progress reports and dashbaord at the end of the day to make sure everything is done.

UNLOCK your full potential with an effective process.

Only relaxed people are able to deliver the best results. We believe you need to be able to work your way in order to deliver a zen like workstyle. So we include all the features you need to work the way you want too.

More features

with Spaces

Group work by department, branch, area, store, client or group.

Plan goals
with Projects

Create deadlines, goals, sprints, milestones or deliverables with Projects.

Complete work
with Tasks

Add everything that needs completing for your Projects as Tasks.

Track results
with Reports

Understand your improvements and identify irregularities with reports.

  • Problem 1
    A task black hole

    Adding your list of things to do into a digital black hole doesn’t help you get things done.

  • Problem 2
    A tough workflow

    A task manager needs to replicate the process you follow, the way you want.

  • Problem 3
    No accountability

    They do nothing to make sure you are on track and achieving the goals you set out.

The problem with existing task managers

Taskbox has been developed by a team of individuals fed up of using task managers that don’t actually help you get work done. We’re passionate about being more productive, efficient and connected, without having to constantly search in an app to find out whats next…

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So... Why should you use Taskbox over the competition?

One place for everything

Juggling between what’s app, email, calls and other apps is a recipe for disaster. If you’re not missing information, you’re spending hours searching for information. Taskbox keeps everything organised in one app to speed up your workflows.


Happier teams

Introduce a structured routine, so you can complete more Tasks.

Reduce stress

Everything connected so you can drastically speed up admin times.

More productive

Your tasks beautifully organised in one place to reduce stress.

Connect your teams

It’s essential to be linked with everyone in your team, so you can see where someone in your team is at with all their Tasks or so that you can collaborate and communicate in real-time. This means things don’t get missed and everyone is in control.


Sustainable process (Paperless)

Ditch the outdated, nightmare-to-organise, boring paperwork. Replace everything with Taskbox so you can always be sure everything has been done.


Introduce a structured routine, so you can complete more Tasks.

Reach goals

Everything connected so you can drastically speed up admin times.

Faster results

Your tasks beautifully organised in one place to reduce stress.

Save time

Chat with your team from your computer or mobile, with instant updates and cataloguing.


Positive habits

Collect all your Project and Task data in easy to manage forms, and get detailed real-time reports


Hyper organised

Get updates about progress to your email inbox, in app or directly to your mobile phone.